We meet in the AppCircus

The Monday On December 3 let’s sense beforehand an application with the one that we have been selected in AppCircus that will take place next December 3, 2012 in Seville. The event is realized in ForoContext’s bosom, a meeting of companies, institutions, consultants and investors to give push to the relations intercompany in the European frame.

AppCircus@ForoContext Seville will take place at 14.15 hours, in the Room Bay of the Conference hall and Exhibitions (Fibes), en la Avenida del Alcalde Luis Uruñuela, 1. Sevilla. The event, which possesses the collaboration of Andalusia Undertakes, it will assemble the new applications created in Andalusia and will be the only occasion to know more of the talent in the creation of apps.

AppCircus’s winning app will be able to be one of 20 applications participants in the Mobile Premier Awards, considered the prizes of reference in the universe of the apps, which they will take place in Barcelona in February, 2013.