Applications Develop

Entertainment in exchange for your time. It is an offer of branded content. With the generic tool that we are developing, we offer to the brands the possibility that the user locates spaces of the real time brand, to play, to relate to other fans, to take part in challenges and to gain prizes related to the brand.


The client can contract one or several characteristics depending on the needs and the result that it wants to obtain and even we can integrate in the App typical anyone that the client proposes.

The App is perfectly adaptable to the corporate image of the company

We have the prepared “skeleton” of the App generic, which includes the databases and all the communications with the servant. The times of integration are very rapid so that if some client has hurry to extract the app of his brand, it can possess us without fear.

We can do a made-to-measure app. Without need to impute the complete costs of the development to the client.

Arrayás produces fundamentally fiction for television and cinema, but the consumptions are turning aside towards the mobile devices and the unloads of apps increase exponencialmente and for all kinds of demands: music, leisure, social networks, information of services to the instant, in any place. Producing is to design, to develop, to finance, to do. To produce apps having produced movies it is exciting.

In these moments and close to the development of cinematographic lengths, we are producing the applications Brandapp (Appcircus 2012), Spain Connect with platform I PLOUGH and others in development.