Arrayás producciones

Arrayás Producciones was set up in Huelva, 2005 created by the journalist Inés Romero. Up to the moment it has centred his activity on fiction projects for television. Fiction allow us to reflect and to create the reality providing it with elements of idealization that transmit values. We are not a NGO. We produce to win, earn and to continue producing and contracting people and to spend it well in the way sharing preparation, filming and edition with the professionals who are implied and live through the projects with proactivity. We like projects that entertain, thrill and leave good mood to the audience.

We are looking for joint production with other territories what enriches the teams and budget. It’s not a bad formula, nor an easy one. Arrayás has fulfilled up to the moment three TVmovies and an animation film. Nowadays it develops several formats of serial fiction and has created a new label with new partners, Array_LAB developing videogames and applications.