Array_LAB is a division centred on the development of video games and interactive applications that is created by the support of Arrayás Producciones and new partners, doing a bet for the new road links and the digital entertainment.

We are a laboratory of ideas formed by an Andalusian multidisciplinary equipment with formation and experience in the industry of the digital entertainment. As study of development, we offer the following services:

* Recording, musical, phrase, mixture, sonorous design.
* Video, accomplishment, edition, Motion graphics.* Localización de software y videojuegos.
* Design of interface, shaped, I design of prominent figures, levels.
* Rigging, animación, cinemáticas, mapping, interactivos, MOCAP, story board…
* Development of made-to-measure tools.
* Project and asset management: Unity, Cocos 2D.
* Increased reality, graphical programming.
* Geolocalización, accessibility, integration with social tools, Shops online (web).
* Advergaming.
* I develop of apps made-to-measure (IOS, Android).
* Quality Asurance, Blind testing.
* If you need some service that you do not find here flame and tell us your needs.